Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Exercise Bike

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  • Budget friendly / cheap Exercise bike for its quality
  • Has built in heart rate monitor so you can keep your heart rate in check when exercising
  • Has a detailed manual book for assembling
  • Have 8 Resistance Levels for your workout
  • Big adjustable seat suitable for big and tall user


  • The manual could be confusing, but the assembling part is pretty straight forward
  • Some difficulty in adjusting the seat (need to unscrew all to adjust)

Exerpeutic 900XL Exercise Bike Benefits

Exerpeutic 900XL is one of the most selling exercise bike in online retailers. The reason why it’s rated high and selling like hot cake is mainly supported by these 5 main benefits:

  1. Budget friendly
  2. It’s easy to assemble
  3. Very durable and long lifespan, for years to come you won’t need to buy another one
  4. Quiet operation – It won’t sounds like heavy machine when you crank the pedals
  5. Adequate information indicator

If you are in the middle of diet and exercise program, this recumbent exercise bike will be a great cost effective assistance. When you purchase it, you’ll have to assemble it yourself. But worry not, from lots of customers opinions, the process is straight-forward and it’s guided well within the manual book (you can download it here the manual book is missing).

The average time people took was 1.5 hour, it will be much quicker if you have friend helping you up. Here is how it look when you’ve fully assembled it:

exerpeutic 900xl exercise bike

When you sit on this exercise bike, you’ll realize that the seat is fairly comfortable. Unlike the seat you’ll get with an outdoor bike, it’s flat, well padded, equipped with three stabilizers, and wide enough to support user up to 325lbs!

(However, some user admitted that the seat is not easy to adjust without unscrewing all the way.)

One top feature loves by many is the bike’s noise. It’s basically very quiet, not without sounds but it’s less audible unlike some exercise bike of its class. You just need to make sure you’ve tighten up everything and it won’t disappointed you.

Once you sit on the seat, you’ll get yourself facing a small but useful monitor that show you the distance you’ve travelled, calories burned, time spent, speed of your cranking, and heart rate information as well.

exerpeutic 900xl exercise bike monitor

Yes, it has built-in hand pulse monitor in the handlebar which you can use it to maintain your desired target heart rate. You can go wild, or go slow. It’s your choice. 🙂

Of course, unlike any premium and expensive exercise bike (like Schwinn 230), this monitor is actually pretty ‘basic’ (nothing fancy like programmed training menu). But it does it jobs, so it’s okay for most people.

Handle bar with heart rate monitor

(Handle bar with heart rate monitor)

Just like any other bike, you’ll put your feet on both pedals and start cranking it up. The foot pedal comes with a strap to prevent slippage, you can either go barefoot or by wearing your favorite sport shoes.

Once you get used to the basic resistance level, Exerpeutic 900XL exercise cycle provide you with 8-level of resistance. You can try to challenge yourself with the highest level, but if you want to keep it slow and steady (recommended), level it up 1 by 1.

This is an excellent exercise bike for you if you are looking for cost effective tool to support your diet program. Of course, like all fitness too you can get out there, you will get result only if you use it regularly. If you buy it and let it collect dust in the corner, don’t bother getting one in the first place. 😉

Long story short, it’s a nice tool for your health. When it’s raining outside, you can still ride a bike in your cozy home. From over 1500 users who gave their opinions, about 83% give highest rating and highly recommend it to their friends and relatives who’s looking for a relatively inexpensive and quality exercise bike.

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