Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker With Aeroccino Frother

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Nespresso CitiZ Review – the sexiest espresso machine with contemporary design for the modern home!

nespresso-citiz-espresso-machine-reviewOn the Internet, there are lots of choices that individuals can choose from when it comes to coffee machines. What makes coffee makers wonderful is that it can make flawless tasting coffee in just a few minutes. That’s the reason finding the right coffee or espresso machine is always an overwhelming task. If you would like to maximum benefit out of your spending like me, you have to allocate an amount of time in searching for the right coffee maker in town.

Supposedly finding the perfect espresso machine should have been very easy because there are many products under this category to select from. But since they are flooding up your choice upon searching the Internet, you might want to stop for a while and look into the features that you are looking for closely. It was never a breeze in getting the right product so you need to spend more time in your research. I usually have a kind of checklist to drill through, and I want to share it with you. The most essential facts of a Espresso Machine that you have to get on your machine is as follow:

  • Has a perfect design for an urban home
  • Brews perfect tasting coffee in a few minutes
  • Makes cafe style coffee
  • Features a bar pump
  • Could make espresso and milk froth
  • Comes with programmable settings

Great thing that I discovered the Nespresso CitiZ – the sexiest espresso machine that will worth your attention if you are caring much on the design. Because of its perfect features and contemporary design, it stands out from the rest of the coffee maker brands out there on its class. Leaving design alone, this machine is definitely capable of producing a perfect dose of espresso and milk froth in less than a few minutes.

It uses coffee capsule that free yourself from grinding your own coffee beans, and the mixture is pre-measured to make sure the taste is as original and as good as possible. As a beginner, I also find the user manual that comes with it perfect for you (if you are a beginner). It has easy to follow instructions and guides for you to experiment on the type of coffee you desire.

Nespresso CitiZ’ Perfect Design

Recently, one essential feature that I was looking for on a coffee machine is whether it could keep up with my contemporary home design. Nespresso CitiZ is stylish and works well in kitchen countertop without eating up much space. Additionally, it also becomes a great appliance for a small kitchen. With its simplistic and streamlined design, it is a sure envy of many. Nespresso CitiZ espresso maker also has an ergonomic design that actually works perfectly in any kitchen. It is a stunning accent in a contemporary kitchen.

Makes The perfect Blend of Coffee

Even Nespresso CitiZ uses coffee capsule to make the espresso, it’s perfectly safe for me to say that the taste is as real as the espresso brewed with ground coffee. The Nespresso CitiZ makes a soothing cafe style espresso in just a few minutes. Its single-serve feature also comes with a unique extraction system, making the “just right” blend of espresso most of the time. The system works by perforating the sealed capsules and soaks all the beans to simultaneously filter the coffee.

What about the Bar Pump pressure?

Nespresso CitiZ espresso maker comes with a highly pressurized 19-bar pump pressure that can extract all the aroma content of coffee and can give body to your espresso, making sure that there’ll be a crema on top of my coffee. It’s like having espresso in a coffee shop. 19-bar pump is extremely strong, and the standard is even higher than the espresso machine that cost $500 and beyond!

What Is the Nespresso Aeroccino?

Aside from making a delicious dose of espresso in a few minutes, this product can also make infinite variations of milk-based coffees with the single touch of a button. Notice that the package has come with a bonus of a jar-looking container where you can fill in liquid (preferably the milk). You only need to fill this Aeroccino with your preferred amount of milk, set it back to the dock (if you removed it) and then push-da-button and wait for the milk froth to foamed. Of course, if you are making espresso, you can save your time by working out both the coffee machine and aeroccino at the same time.

What Happens to the Used Capsules?

There is a nice hidden chamber inside the machine where it will manages the used capsules. This chamber or capsule container is capable of holding up to 11 used capsules for later disposal. In addition, the Nespresso CitiZ also comes with programmable and automatic volume control, allowing you to manage the sound it creates while processing your coffee latte.

What Else Can This Espresso Machine Give You?

Another important feature that I like about this coffee maker is its energy-saving mode that will saves electricity for me. The Nespresso CitiZ also includes a detachable one liter water tank at the rear side where you can easily remove it for refill, a drip tray with stainless steel frame and two level cup tray to hold big and smaller cup. Making both single and double shot is a piece of cake with this machine. What you need to do is just press the corresponding button at the top side and you are to go.

What Is The Measurement?

This 1710-watt coffee and frother’s size is 14 3/5” x 9 2/7” x 11,” perfectly fitting any kitchen counter.

What’s in the Box?

Upon purchasing your Nespresso CitiZ, you will get all the essential accessories needed in order to make your best tasting and personalized espressos and frothes. The package is containing:

  • 1 x Nespresso machine
  • 1 x Ring file
  • 1 x Instruction booklet
  • 1 x Welcome pack of 16 capsules
  • 1 x Aeroccino to make milk froth

It’s nice that you are also getting 16 capsules to test the machine out without spending on a false coffee capsule. Each color represents different flavors, so you can test them out and find which color and flavor is suitable to you.

Any filed Complaints?

There were hardly any serious negative opinion that I found regarding this product featured in Amazon. In fact, it remains consistently to be one of the top coffee maker brands in the market today. Most people are noting on the convenient features and the stylish design of this product.

You just have to follow the manual book tightly as most problem occurs because of not paying close attention to what’s been written in the booklet. However, especially on making milk froth via Aeroccino, make sure to fill the jar not higher than the line mark inside the aeroccino or things would be messy. On the average, this product receives five stars in reviews posted by consumers.

Where Can You Purchase It?

You can get yours from many online retailers. As the best destination to check out, I found that Amazon offering this product at the best deal online. They are also offering a complete range of coffeemakers and accessories in the market today if you are interested to find the alternatives.

Where Can You Find Other Reviews?

Check out what other consumers are saying about the Nespresso CitiZ in Amazon. You can visit this site today and see why consumers rate it high in reviews. Experience coffee shop style espresso at home with this product just like what other people are now enjoying. Visit this product today in Amazon and read more reviews.

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